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Our Programs

Our Stem2scientist and Stem2detectives learn about Earth/life/Physical/Forensic/Biometrics and Medical science.
By asking the right questions, we can help stimulate investigations where students are identifying objects, making comparisons, making predictions, testing ideas, and sharing discoveries, all while observing their natural environment.

Our Stem2Techiestmexplore hi tech domains like Robotics, Electronics, Digital media, app & web development, image processing, artificial intelligence, animationand other microprocessor applications.

Our Stem2Geekstmlearn about motors, sensors, forces and other engineering aspects.They learn aero, automotive, astro - engineering and various other domains.

Our Stem2Wizards approach is very hands on where we teachmaths&money with novel concepts.They learn about probability, measurement,units, analog to digital and various math concepts.

Our Stem2Gurustm   success in school is defined by more than just how much one studies. Just as important is how kids go about getting their work done.How to better manage their time and improve self-discipline.  
As students grow, they become more independent managers of their possessions and their time; yet time management, finance management and organizing skills are only lightly touched upon rather than a core part of the curriculum. We call these kids our “gurus” as they learn about the core Life and leadership skills