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Parents Feedback

“It was very interesting and innovative session.
Palaksh thoroughly enjoyed it and planning for further continuity.”

“Good project to motivate the young generation.”

“Very enthusiastic and amazing workshop. Harsh would love to be here again in June.”

“An awesome, creative and fun filled workshop. Waiting for classes in June.”

“Good concepts, very different and interesting workshop. Eagerly waiting for after school program.”

“Saloni has enjoyed and learnt a lot. Keep it up.”

“Something looking forward to and glad it is here.”

“Laveena has enjoyed and liked it very much.”

“A very creative project. My both kids are waiting for the regular classes in June.”

“Good concept, very innovative. All the best.”

“It was very creative and fun filled workshop, awaiting for the regular batch in June.”

" Very Good concept. Best thing is that you are covering all areas like MANAGEMENT and SCIENCE together. ALL THE BEST!!!"
-  Rashmi Chandalia

"Very creative. Superb concept.Kids are learning something of their interest.Great job. All the best."
- Priti Parmar

"Extra ordinary workshop. Very creative.Would love to continue if possible in Mumbai."
- Bhavna Mehta

"Excellent workshop.Kids learnt a lot and also enjoyed a lot. Looking forward for your yearly program."
-Swati Gandhi.

"Superb practical things which kids can understand easily and can handle many interesting and useful things. Thanks for the new innovative program."
-Saroj Bora